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Sustainability Design Engineer
ethical design
design thinking
SDG 11
Seamlessly weave ethical decisions through the core engineering mechanisms and principles at all stages of production. Design thinking skills and environmental awareness are essential. Could you do it for the trees and the bees?
Made together by 10 future thinkers |  Verified by Steve Robs
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Green Tech Advisor
green data
SDG 13
Use data for the good of the planet. Work alongside companies undergoing a significant environmental revamp. Help them understand green data before the bad guys get to them first.
Made together by 9 future thinkers |  Verified by Greta Auberg
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Wholeness Mentor
Get’s hyped to help others
Theory+ Model’s
SDG 03
Connectivity has made us feel busier in an increasingly chaotic world. This person would help others develop lifelong strategies to align their purposes with the business values with a hobby that fulfils physical needs, a social network & contentment.
Made together by 13 future thinkers |  Verified by Andy Redstone
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Flexible Work People Officer
Work hard play hard
Human geography
SDG 11
Walk on the tightrope. Balance an egg on a spoon. Drop off medicine to a sick friend, call the vet for your pet, answer a call from the South of Vietnam, and have lunch jump on another meeting from Los Angeles. Liaise with people at their best times so everyone can go to bed at night.
Made together by 16 future thinkers |  Verified by Yuval Sari
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